Getting breaded

Chief Editors muncing their daily bread. Pic by Ainoa Graphic Design /

Chief Editors gorging their daily bread. Photo by Ainoa Graphic Design

Work-related boredom today is mainly a consequence of multitasking with all the odds and ends surrounding a job.

Academy posts are as filled with work-related junk as precarious work.

“There’s so many odds and ends at work that I have no time to work.”

Today one rather burns out before getting bored.

Some outlines from Esitys-magazine issue 1/2015 I’m chief editing with PhD Max Ryynänen. It will be out on 3rd of March. The theme is LEIPÄÄNTYMINEN. The word means work-related boredom but the root word in Finnish is bread. The literal translation could be “getting breaded” or “breadening” referring to boring work only done in order to make a daily bread.

We though of bread while generating an idea for the layout and came up with an idea of baking (and buying) bread or cake to illustrate each article. Last Monday the editorial staff had a baking & photo session. We baked Precarious Rolls, Cutting Edge Project Foccacia, Exploitation Bagels and a Fatigue Cake. An Utopian Bun Tower was also compiled and I asked The National Theatre of Finland to contribute their best cake to illustrate my article on their director Kristian Smeds.


Somebody’s taken a bite of National Theatre’s best cake with a smedsian “Midnight National” twist

Other writers of the issue: Mustekala chief editor and culture journalist Sini Mononen, artist, director, writer Teemu Mäki, actress Liisu Aurasmaa, live artists Tuomas Latinen and Johanna Hammarberg and Max Ryynänen.

In his article “On Getting Fed Up With Doing Free Labour” Laitinen quotes American performance artist Cynthia Hopkins‘s performance A Living Documentary. It will be published also in English in Esitys web page 3rd of March.


Utopian Bun Tower

Utopian Bun Tower illustrates the bright future without any work-related boredom. Photo: Heidi Backström

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