ICE HOLE – The Live Art Journal


Hello, New Year!

There are so many things happening in Reality Research Centre that even a member can’t follow. Last spring I was in an Esitys-magazine editorial meeting thinking up enticing names for an international live art web page and promised to shoot a video review of what’s hot in Riga live art scene (it didn’t work out). And now suddenly my colleague Pilvi Porkola, with graphic designer Iina Lievonen and programmer Kasper Rahikka, come up with this classy web journal. I’m so proud to present: ICE HOLE – an international on-line Live Art Journal. Really cool stuff! For example a beautiful video of Annette Arlander on a swing all year round and another about Uuno Turhabuto dancing on ice, one of my favourite butoh characters of all time created by Pasi Mäkelä. And more videos and texts. And it’s not only for Finnish performance and live artists – but for all of you who want to share your thoughts and videos. If you want to join in the discussion and get your stuff published, please contact Reality Research Centre: info(at) ICE HOLE is published twice a year.


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