In the Nude

Nina Larissa Bassett as Angela

Ivo Briedis as Viesturs

Janne Saarakkala as Leo

Dear Angela and Viesturs

Have you forgotten Billie Jean, Brother Louie, Nathan Jones and Tesla Girls? Ten empty years have passed since our threesome in Stockholm and guess what? I miss you and I want to see you before the End of the World! This is a call for a reunion.

Meet me at First Hotel Skt. Petri in Copenhagen. I’ve booked rooms for you. Dress code: the eighties.

hugs and kisses XXX, Leo


Mette Garfield, reviewer for Information, Terpiscore and Teater 1 wrote:

“Where will you sleep tonight?

The theatre company TeaterKUNST presents the accomplished performance In the Nude in the foyer, bar, hall-ways and hotel rooms of the fashionable Copenhagen hotel First Hotel Skt. Petri’s.

Dividing the audience in three groups, each following a performer to his/ her room.

Mental Striptease

Imagine being a fly on the wall of those rooms! Who hasn’t dreamt of that? And this comes true in In the Nude…

Interestingly it turns out that the most intimate details are really the most common and in this way anonymous. Just like the hotel room is anonymous and intimate at the same time, a good choice of room and stage and metaphor for the entire performance.

Obvious is the theme of the effects of consumer mentality on our personal lives yet the performance does not preach or moralise. It is precise and tight, humorous and elegant staging of the rooms – the hotel becomes an image of the European condition, fluid identities, abundant choices, free market forces and borders…”


At the reception…


On the way…



Meet the artists (playing a quiz game)…



The audience is distributed into three groups. Each group is invited to meet one of the characters in their rooms…

In Angela’s room

in the nude - cph 208


In Leo’s room



In Viesturs’s room

in the nude 5


The characters meet in the lobby…



The audience is invited to have drink with the characters in the hotel bar and share gossip of what happened in each room…

Publicity photos:

in the nude 2in the nude - cph 312


Head Bellboy: Adam Rohweder (DK)
Staging Consultant: Solveig Weinkouff (DK)
Dramaturgical Consultant: Sandra Buch (DK)
Set Consultant: Antti Nikkinen (FIN)
Sound Consultant: Voldemars Johansons (LV)
Producer: Dorte Wium (DK)
Publicity: Nanna Rohweder (DK)