Jussi’s Last Tape session no. 16

2. Shooting of Jussi's Last Tape 2019 Camera operator Janne Saarakkala

Every year since 2004 I’ve been shooting a video of actor Jussi Johnsson‘s naked body in different natural environments for Reality Research Center project Jussi’s Last Tape. On a sunny day of 18 July 2019 I met Jussi in Varkaus and we drove to Kotkanharju gravel pit in Joroinen to do the shoot. We also used the nearby forest as a location.

6. Shooting of Jussi's Last Tape 2019 Camera operator Janne Saarakkala
As a part of the documentation Jussi explains how he feels in his body at the moment and what are the major changes in it since the last time. Besides this he performs certain body movements and recites a poem by the late Finnish author Bo Carpelan: “Ei meitä aika muuta vaan tila” (translated from the compilation I de mörka rummen, i de ljusa, 1976). We are gathering material for a video installation dealing with aging and a lifetime. We got inspired by Samuel Beckett‘s play Krapp’s Last Tape, durational performances and taking the duration into extremes. The estimated premiere is in 2036. Along the way there will be waypoints (video reports and/or video installations) to show how the material is gathering and what’s with Jussi. The first, Jussi’s Last Tape – waypoint report no.1, was presented in galleries and exhibitions in 2014-2015 and it’s still available from Reality Research Center.

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