On All Fours for Future Generations on May 13th

In the 90th anniversary party of Helsinki Student Theatre last autumn I met two colleagues with whom I crawled the streets of Helsinki on all fours ten years ago. It was a result of Reality Research Centre workshop, a new form of public demonstration. Back then we crawled for striking nurses, asylum seekers and victims of climate change.

Me and my colleagues thought that today there’s more reasons to drop to your knees than ever. After a brain storm meeting in January we came up with a plan to crawl for future generations.

Personally, I think of my nephew when I think of future generations, and the old question of what kind of world we are leaving to our children and to our childrens’ childeren and so on. In terms of ecology, equality or solidarity, the future prospect is grim. If you feel the same, please read the invitation below and join us!

The event is on Facebook.

Jussi Johnsson on all fours for victims of climate change. Photo: Jörn J. Burmester

Jussi Johnsson on all fours for victims of climate change in 2007. Photo: Jörn J. Burmester


Open invitation.

On sidewalks in the heart of Helsinki we crawl on all fours for future generations on Saturday 13th of May from 1pm to 2pm.

What do future generations need from us right now?

In order to survive and thrive they need renewable energy, equal share of resources, education and solidarity that encompasses all lifeforms. And they need it urgently.

For these reasons we are on all fours.

We fall on our hands and knees at 1pm at Three Smiths Statue and crawl through Aleksanterinkatu Street to Senate Square. There we greet the main building of University of Helsinki, Helsinki Cathedral and Government Palace. Perhaps someone from these institutions will join us or cheer us on. Then we make a round trip to greet The House of Nobility, Presidential Palace, Supreme Court and Embassy of Sweden. The journey ends in Virka-galleria in City Hall where Helsinki City representative will greet us.

Sign up or ask more: weonallfours(at)gmail.com or Facebook

Or you can also just join us at any point of the route and stop when ever you feel like it. Besides kneepads we recommend crawlers to wear trousers and gloves that can get dirty and torn.

On All Fours For Future Generations is arranged by Tuomas Tulikorpi, Janne Saarakkala and Reality Research Centre in cooperation with Friends of the Earth Finland, The Finnish Nature League and Dodo.

 * * *

p.s. I’m very happy our event coincides Global Divestment Mobilisation 2017.

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Digital Stage of Riihimäen Teatteri

My dear colleague Maria Oiva is running a digital stage of Riihimäen Teatteri this year. It’s called #digiteatteri. Yes, the project is actually called Digital Theatre but I like to see it as one of the stages. Like there’s a door to the theatre, there’s also a digital gate. Most importantly, it’s not marketing the performances but a work of art in itself inspired by what happens in the theatre (and what could happen). It is a research of the relationship between what’s live and what’s recorded or distributed digitally. Take a look of Maria’s hilarious avatar CEO Maria Virtanen Korhonen in action at the reading session of Janne Katajan Riihimäki, the performance I’ll soon start directing :-)

Every Friday, there’s a new Maria Virtanen Korhonen video in the YouTube channel or a podcast of Maria (as herself) and a guest discussing performances of Riihimäen Teatteri in SoundCloud. Besides this Maria is active in Twitter and Instagram. #digiteatteri web page collects all posts here!

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From New Work to beaking bread

Bread no.1 by Halinen, Nevantaus, Pellinen, Saarakkala, Wikström

Bread no.1 by Halinen, Nevantaus, Pellinen, Saarakkala, Wikström

In the last quarter of 2017 Reality Research Centre will sift from the glamorous (or horrendous) New Work to basic, hand-made work. We’ll be beaking rye bread in Helsinki Art Museum and anyone is invited to bake with us. While baking we’ll discuss work as it is now and what lies in the future. All bakers can take their own bread home.

It’s Work 5.0: Bread.

Now, is it art or is it just plain bread? Besides explaining the sift, this is what I ponder in my recent Reality Research Centre blog post.

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Review of Esitys in Kritiikin uutiset

Marissa Mehr has reviewed the 10th anniversary issue of Esitys in Kritiikin uutiset.

“You can’t detect fatigue in the texts”, she writes, “instead they ooze with honesty, openness and passion for art and for the practice of it; the same values and attitudes that have been clearly visible in the magazine throughout it’s history – – – Esitys left a magnificent legacy.”

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Radioteatteri esittää: Lu Yun Teekirja

photo: Jyrki Valkama / Yle Kuvapalvelu (kuvassa Lotta Lindroos ja Konsta Mäkelä)

photo: Jyrki Valkama / Yle Kuvapalvelu (kuvassa Lotta Lindroos ja Konsta Mäkelä)

YLE radio 1 Ma 3.4. klo 19:03
YLE radio 1 Ma 17.4. klo 19:03
kuunneltavissa myös Yle Areenassa 3.4.-2.5.2017

Lue kuunnelmaa käsittelevä blogi-teksti ”Mikä palvelisi paremmin tiellä kohti ikuista elämää kuin tee” Yle Draaman sivuilta.

Tunnet kuinka paljaat jalkasi työntyvät muinaiskiinalaiseen saveen ja haistat hienoimpien teelaatujen eleganssin, niin kouriintuntuva aistimatka on Janne Saarakkalan käsikirjoittama ja ohjaama Lu Yun Teekirja. Kuunnelmassa teen pyhimys Lu Yu vie sinut Tang-dynastian Kiinaan. Saat kävellä hänen jalanjäljissään, tuntea ihollasi tuulet ja draamat, haistaa ja maistaa, sekä tutustua Kiinan 700-lukulaisen älymystön edustajiin, jotka rakastivat runoutta, vuoria, viiniä, hyvää seuraa ja tietenkin teetä.

Lu Yu oli alkujaan vanhempiensa hylkäämä orpo poika, mutta hänellä oli makua. Merkittävien suojelijoiden ansiosta hänelle kehittyi niin pilkuntarkka vainu teelle, että sen ansiosta hän kohosi sosiaalisessa hierarkiassa vaikka oli luonteeltaan ujo ja syrjäänvetäytyvä. Lu Yun elämäntyö oli kirjoittaa ensimmäinen kattava ohjekirja teen kasvattamisesta, valmistamisesta ja nauttimisesta. Sen ansiosta Kiinan keisari nimitti hänet teen pyhimykseksi. Mutta Lu Yu ei ottanut nimitystä vastaan. Miksi? Sen kertoo Lu Yun Teekirja, jonka hahmot pohjautuvat dokumentoituihin historiallisiin henkilöihin. Aistielämyksen lisäksi saat vinkkejä siihen miten valmistaa ja nauttia teetä 700-luvun hipsteri-tyyliin.

Käsikirjoitus ja ohjaus: Janne Saarakkala
Äänisuunnittelu: Tiina Luoma
Rooleissa: Konsta Mäkelä, Lotta Lindroos, Jukka Ruotsalainen, Jouko Klemettilä, Juho Milonoff, Lassi Alhorinne ja Janne Saarakkala
tuottaja: Soila Valkama
tuotanto: Radioteatteri, Yle Draama, YLE

English readers, please read the previous post.

photo: Anne Hämäläinen / Yle Kuvapalvelu (kuvassa Konsta Makela)

photo: Anne Hämäläinen / Yle Kuvapalvelu (kuvassa Konsta Mäkelä)

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The very last ESITYS is here!

Today the last issue of Esitys Magazine (1/2017) was waiting for me in the post box. For the editorial staff including me it means the end of a ten year journey. And the issue looks gorgeous and as festive as it should! Thanks to Pilvi Porkola (for chief editing), Aino Nieminen (for graphic design), the writers and the whole crew! I feel moved, relieved and rewarded… Let’s party!

We celebrate the tenth anniversary of Esitys and wrapping it all up on Friday 24th in Mad House Helsinki at 9pm. Please join us!

Check Kulttuurimuija‘s column in Kirkko ja kaupunki. She’s a real advocate for printed magazines!


The Cover: Ainoa Graphic Design


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Recording Teekirja

This week I’ve been recording and directing my radio play Teekirja (Book of Tea) with sound designer Tiina Luoma and the actors in the new radio play studios of Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. The play tells the story of Lu Yü, the Sage of Tea, who lived in 8th century China during Tang Dynasty. He wrote the first comprehensive book (at least the first that has survived) about the way of tea; how to grow, manufacture, prepare and savor tea. Lu Yü was an orphan. At the age of three he was abandoned by his parents but in his later years ended up being given the title Sage of Tea by the emperor. Lu Yü didn’t accept the honorary title. You have to listen to the play to get to know why. And for the sake of honesty, as most of the characters are based on historical figures, it is my version of the reasons why. The listener will also get exquisite tips how to make and drink tea properly in 8th century hipster fashion :-)

Next week we’ll edit the material produced by the actors and after that it’s time for orchestrating the sounds, ambience and music.

Teekirja is broadcasted on Monday 3rd of April and Monday 17th of April at 19:03 from radio channel YLE 1 or in YLE Areena.

Lue Tiina Luoman harvinainen haastattelu Helsingin Sanomista, jossa hän kertoo urastaan ja työstään!


Wireless microphones are seldom used in the making of Finnish radio fiction. We used them in couple of scenes for Teekirja. Tiina Luoma fixing the wireless for Konsta Mäkelä playing Lu Yü.


With wireless mics actors Jukka Ruotsalainen and Konsta Mäkelä could move and hug during their scene. They also wore silk dressings gowns so that when they moved, the sound of the fabric was right.


Lotta Lindroos in front of a traditional mic set.


Equipment for a foley session.

Press photo session

Press photo session

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Excerpts of Hafed Collage

Ooh, I miss doing this piece… And it looks so cool on video! Thanks, Lilja!

I heard that Maija Karhunen, one of the performers, received the Vimma Culture Prize for doing her part in Hafed Collage. Congratulations, Maija!

Vimma Culture Prize is presented by Kynnys ry, The Threshold Association. It is a cross-disability organization, which focuses on the basic and human rights of persons with disabilities. It was founded by students with disabilities in 1973.

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Hammarberg tulevaisuuden edessä

Johanna Hammarberg as a new worker panda in Reality Research Centre performance about future work. photo: Pilvi Porkola

Johanna Hammarberg doing her work as a panda in Reality Research Centre performance about future work. photo: Pilvi Porkola

Todellisuuden tutkimuskeskuksen Työsaareke -työryhmän jäsen Johanna Hammarberg reflektoi syksyn esitystä Työ 4.0 – tulevaisuuden työn lanseeraustilaisuus ja ajautuu Liikekieli.comissa julkaistussa kirjoituksessaan Poikani tytön vaatteissa uudenlaisen tulevaisuuden äärelle, jossa elämä (myös työelämä) on ratkaisevasti toisenlaista kuin nyt.

Sain itse juuri valmiiksi artikkelin, joka julkaistaan Esitys-lehden viimeisessä numerossa helmikuussa. Se käsittelee sekä samaa Työsaarekkeen esitystä että filosofi ja esitystaideteoreetikko Bojana Kunstin minulle käänteentekevää kirjaa Artist at Work – Proximity of Art and Capitalism. Taustalla on kymmenen vuotta sitten Esityksen ensimmäiseen numeroon kirjoittamani artikkeli ajattelun poliittisuudesta.

Me tarvitsemme, paitsi aikaa ajatella, myös aikaa toimia muuallakin kuin työelämässä.

* * *

Reality Research Centre member Johanna Hammarberg reflects the “Work 4.0 – future work launch” performance we did in September in her blog post for Liikekieli.com. Hammarberg finds herself musing how different her working life has been compared to her factory working grand father and how radically different will be her two year old son’s future who likes to dress in girls’ clothing.

I just finished an article that will be published in the last issue of Esitys next month. It is about the same performance Hammarberg is reflecting, and besides that, also about a book, Artist at Work – Proximity of Art and Capitalism, that I find pivotal, written by philosopher and performance art theorist Bojana Kunst. Behind of it all is a reflection to an article I wrote ten years ago in the first issue of Esitys.

We need time to think and time to act also outside working life.

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