Queer Up! Esitys 3/2015 is out!

“…and besides I wanna see men eating each other’s arses on stage, otherwise it’s not a queer performance.”

This is a feedback Choreographer Jarkko Partanen is reflecting with Photographer Katri Naukkarinen in the latest Esitys Magazine. Who’s to judge what’s queer and what’s queer enough?

I don’t find being gay particularly queer these days. Then again, I’ve been told that in the neighbouring country in the east there are people who would find me, eating ass or not, not only queer but so perverted that they’d rather set me on fire or stone me to death.

It’s like Morrissey said, the world is slightly derailed.

The participatory performance the chief editors Partanen and Naukkarinen are talking about is Reality Research Centre’s Queer Up! that was presented in Helsinki in March 2015. It’s the subject of the Queer Up! Esitys 3/2015. It is a “photo album” including only four articles. Instead of plenty of text there’s plenty of Naukkarinen’s gorgeously kinky photographs, and more in the web site. The Queer issue is a part of Reality Research Centre’s Being Otherwise – Queer Up! -project, hosted by Esitys.

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