Recording Teekirja

This week I’ve been recording and directing my radio play Teekirja (Book of Tea) with sound designer Tiina Luoma and the actors in the new radio play studios of Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. The play tells the story of Lu Yü, the Sage of Tea, who lived in 8th century China during Tang Dynasty. He wrote the first comprehensive book (at least the first that has survived) about the way of tea; how to grow, manufacture, prepare and savor tea. Lu Yü was an orphan. At the age of three he was abandoned by his parents but in his later years ended up being given the title Sage of Tea by the emperor. Lu Yü didn’t accept the honorary title. You have to listen to the play to get to know why. And for the sake of honesty, as most of the characters are based on historical figures, it is my version of the reasons why. The listener will also get exquisite tips how to make and drink tea properly in 8th century hipster fashion 🙂

Next week we’ll edit the material produced by the actors and after that it’s time for orchestrating the sounds, ambience and music.

Teekirja is broadcasted on Monday 3rd of April and Monday 17th of April at 19:03 from radio channel YLE 1 or in YLE Areena.

Lue Tiina Luoman harvinainen haastattelu Helsingin Sanomista, jossa hän kertoo urastaan ja työstään!


Wireless microphones are seldom used in the making of Finnish radio fiction. We used them in couple of scenes for Teekirja. Tiina Luoma fixing the wireless for Konsta Mäkelä playing Lu Yü.


With wireless mics actors Jukka Ruotsalainen and Konsta Mäkelä could move and hug during their scene. They also wore silk dressings gowns so that when they moved, the sound of the fabric was right.


Lotta Lindroos in front of a traditional mic set.


Equipment for a foley session.

Press photo session

Press photo session

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