Senseless in Riihimäki 3rd of October

Artists Johanna Hammarberg and Maria Oiva from Reality Research Centre were invited to a residency in Riihimäki Theatre and they created a participatory performance to celebrate DADA’s 99th anniversary. I’m happy to admit I was involved. I’ve been doing artistic programming for Riihimäki Theatre since last autumn 🙂

In DADA 99 Riihimäki 20 participators (the audience) bake dada buns in Café Voltaire that is build on stage. Besides baking, the participants get to see hilarious and haunting dadaistic acts from 1915, recreated by the theatre staff, and are involved in a discussion game. Each performance has a guest expert and a theme connected to art and Riihimäki. In the premiere it was “love of art” and next Saturday, 3rd of October, it will be “senselessness of art”. The expert spices up the discussion with a statement.

My involvement with Riihimäki Theatre is getting deeper: I’m the expert next “senseless” Saturday. I’ll be there to talk about the senselessness of theatre, the need for irrationality in art – and beyond. I’ll do the Mämmi Trance to prove my point. I only need one box of mämmi for it, so if you are an aficionado, please join us, there’s plenty of it to take home with you.


In Mämmi Trance in Reality Research Centre’s Dream and Time Gala in 2011. Photo: Jan Ahlstedt


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