Immersive farce about the state of freedom

Photo: Valdis Broze

Photo: Valdis Broze

Greetings from Riga! In 2008 and 2009 I was touring hotels with a site specific performance In The Nude with writers and performers Nina Larissa Bassett from Denmark and Ivo Briedis from Latvia. The charaters we created and performed then (Angela, Viesturs and Leo) to portray europeans of the time will have a new reunion. This time it will be Leo’s wedding that brings them together. Wedding takes place in a real church and then there’s a party. Thanks to Kulturkontakt Nord moblity grant, I’m in Riga right now to plan it with Nina and Ivo. Working title is “Just A Normal Cake”. This is what we wrote yesterday:

“Like us, our characters are now well into 40s and wonder what is happening to the world. Their generation was handed freedom on a sliver platter, and embraced all it had to offer: virtual reality, cheap air travel, casual sex, party drugs, easy credit and much more. They can talk their way out of most things and find commitment completely stifling.
Fast forward to 2016. Europe faces tremendous changes. Warfare is randomly executed by terrorist cells, people are migrating in vast numbers to escape devastated regions, nationalism rears it’s ugly head in unexpected places and the ecological damages caused by human interference is out of control. People are taking sides between global liberalism and patriotic conservatism.
Our three (anti-)heroes have different stading points in this clash. In the wedding performance they will take the audiences in the middle of it all.”

Genre will be an immersive farce.

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