Who’s Behind Santa’s Beard Mask?

The problem is that we don’t have a proper video archive in Reality Research Centre. All video documentation is scattered around in god knows who’s cupboards. Yes, we used to be part of a generation that didn’t need videos to exist and only recently we have awaken to a new world constantly asking for them… This is what Tuomas Latinen found and edited from his stash: RRC performance Politics of Silence that took place in Kamppi Shopping Center in Helsinki in spring of 2007. Thank you, Tuomas, the Christmas spirit of 2015!

And this is just a tip of the iceberg! Tuomas has been très active in the digital world. With Choreographer and Performer Janina Rajakangas he has launced a Finnish speaking ESITYSRADIO, a web site containing recorded discussions with artists about their recent performances. Hear it out, stay tuned and take a look of Tuomas’s new webpage, designed by Visa Knuuttila. What skill and beauty in layout and what content! Tuomas has such an impressive artistic career. Anyone interested in distinguishing theatre, performance art and live art, I’d recommend Tuomas’s insightful article Fake Gun and the Nipple of Dionysos – On Metaphors of Theatre and Performance that can be found in his text archive (also in Finnish).

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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