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ICE HOLE – The Live Art Journal’s 3rd issue is open! It is edited by Liina Kuittinen and Tomasz Szrama. “This time, ICE HOLE is done in collaboration with the TONIGHT event”, they write in the editorial. “TONIGHT was a series of performance art events, held at an intense pace between April 2014–December 2015. What was very special for TONIGHT was that each event started at midnight and went on until the morning hours. The home venue for the event was the Gallery Augusta in Suomenlinna, an island next to Helsinki, Finland.” And further on: “We believe that the only way to experience performance art is to witness it live. No documentation can ever convey anything else than traces of what happened. TONIGHT was designed to show performance art at its best.”


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Esitys 4/2015 is a Stranger

The new Esitys magazine chief edited by Nora Rinne will be published 3rd of November. The theme is MUUKALAINEN, stranger. It’s about being an alien; immigrant, expatriate, an alien of gender, sexuality and race; alien in your own inner circles and even to yourself. There are contributions from the likes of Professor Olli Pyyhtinen, Theatre Director Hili Iivanainen, Stand Up Comedian Jamie MacDonald (his article in English in the web), Performance Artist Karolina Kucia; articles from the Editorial Staff: Louna-Tuuli Luukka, Tuomas Laitinen, Pilvi Porkola and me. Check the front cover by Ainoa Graphic Design! Wow!


The issue includes a photo series “Muukalaisuuteni maisema”, the landscape of my alienation. Here are some shots by Aino Nieminen:

Pilvi Porkola, feeling like a gorilla in a shopping mall.

Pilvi Porkola, feeling like a gorilla in a shopping mall. Photo: Ainoa Graphic Design

Jamie McDonald lost in Keltainen Ruusu sex shop. Photo: Ainoa Graphic Design

Immigrant (Theatre Director David Kozma) and homosexual (me) in Rymy Eetu (where the white hetero Finns gather).

Immigrant Artist David Kozma and homosexual Artist feeling strange in Rymy Eetu where the white hetero Finns dance on tables. photo: Ainoa Graphic Design

photo: Ainoa Graphic Design

photo: Ainoa Graphic Design


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