K&C: Kaksi käsitteellistä versiota henkilökohtaisesta Amos Rexissä


photo: Lilja Lehmuskallio

Kekäläinen & Company Amos Rex- museon Bio Rex- elokuvateatterissa kahtena maanantaina 8. ja 15.4.2019 klo 19. Liput Amos Rexistä.

Kaksi käsitteellistä versiota henkilökohtaisesta on esitys, joka rakentuu Sanna Kekäläisen asettamille kysymyksille, joihin Janne Saarakkala pureutuu puhuva pää -tajunnanvirtametodilla. Metodi on kehitetty alun perin Saarakkalan sooloperformanssiin Puhuva pää, jota hän on esittänyt ja varioinut vuodesta 2001 saakka.
Kyseessä on tilanne, joka purkaa ja tarkastelee kahdella eri tavalla henkilökohtaisuutta, yksityisyyttä, peittämistä ja piilottamista sekä aukaisemista ja paljastamista dialogisesti ja ei-representatiivisesti ja luo siten aivan oman käsitteellisen maailmansa.

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Kekäläinen & Company in Amos Rex museum’s Bio Rex movie theatre on two Mondays: 8th and 15th of April 2019 at 7 pm.

Kaksi käsitteellistä versiota henkilökohtaisesta (two conceptual versions of private) is a performance based on tasks composed by Dancer & Choreographer Sanna Kekäläinen that Janne Saarakkala will execute with Talking Head – stream of consciousness technique. In two different ways the sitation examines privacy, intimacy, covering, hiding, opening and revealing in a non-representative way. It is a dialogue that creates it’s own conceptual universe.

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Kekäläinen & Company has published a book Body, Meat & Spirit – perspectives to the work of Sanna Kekäläinen! It is a collection of photographs and six essays written by dance researcher Riikka Laakso, philosopher and writer Olli Ahlroos, fine artist, author and director Teemu Mäki, reseacher Maria Svanström, Doctor Anu Laukkanen… and me.

You can order this bilingual (Finnish & English) work of art from Books on Demand either as a hard cover or as an ebook. Plunge deep into the world of Kekäläinen in good company!

Read the combined review of the book and Kekäläinen’s latest performance Hullut/Insane from Helsingin Sanomat.


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Excerpts of Hafed Collage

Ooh, I miss doing this piece… And it looks so cool on video! Thanks, Lilja!

I heard that Maija Karhunen, one of the performers, received the Vimma Culture Prize for doing her part in Hafed Collage. Congratulations, Maija!

Vimma Culture Prize is presented by Kynnys ry, The Threshold Association. It is a cross-disability organization, which focuses on the basic and human rights of persons with disabilities. It was founded by students with disabilities in 1973.

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Hafed focuses to the only skill needed: acknowledging the existence of the other”, writes Maria Säkö in Helsingin Sanomat.

“My thoughts raised by the performance are contradictonary. But it merits the piece, I find. The art of Kekäläinen forces one to think conventional notions in a different way, although the job is mainly left to the spectator”, writes Mia Hannula in Turun Sanomat.

“The sexual motif runs through the whole piece in a natural way”, writes Sonja Mäkelä in Huvudstadsbladet.


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Another premiere approaching on Saturday October 8th in K&C Kekäläinen & Company!

Since March I’ve been working on Dancer-Choreographer Sanna Kekäläinen‘s new piece HAFED COLLAGE OF DIFFERENCES AND FRAGILITY as a performer. Compared to the previous collaboration in 2014, PRIVATE – Narcissism Remix, when there were only the two of us on stage, this time I share it with five awesome dancers; Jonna Eiskonen, Maija Karhunen, Andrius Katinas, Satu Rekola and Sanna herself.

Working with them is a pleasure.

Hafed is a name of a longtime friend of Sanna’s. He was born in Algeria and lives paperless in Paris. We are trying to fathom Hafed’s corporeality. In my words, we are showing what’s it like to be an alien, how it feels to be completely cut off from society and yet live in a society.

Sanna writes: “When I was working on this piece, I realized it was impossible to make a representation of Hafed’s life, because the reality he lives in is so strange and composed of such mutually contradicting elements that it can’t be captured in a sole representation. That is the reason this stage reality is a collage on one hand of differences, on the other of fragility that connects people.”

The rehearsal period has been based on two set of questions and we work with them in the performance. We ask these questions with our bodies, hearts, minds and with our senses, and sometimes in contact with each other. There are answers too, fleeting answers that are constantly replaced by the questions and new answers. Who and where am I? How do I perceive my body and my sexuality? These are the questions… and the rest? Well, like Sanna says, otherwise you are free to do whatever.

Compared to PRIVATE there are less restrictions and more freedom in the task. I find it tremendous. It is at times overwhelming but mostly concentrating to the questions makes me loose myself and fly. That is the meaning of it all, to make us all present in the most acute, private way on stage.

Performances from 8th to 29th of October at Physical Art Theatre, Cable Factory Tallberginkatu 1 C, 4th floor. Check the specifics from K&C Kekäkäinen & Company.

Warm thanks to Samuel Huber Art Foundation for supporting me in this project.

With Andrius. Photo: Lilja Lehmuskallio

With Andrius. Photo: Lilja Lehmuskallio

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