Talking Head as an exercise

Theatre Academy has published an excellent book: Performance Artist’s Workbook, On teaching and learning performance art – essays and exercises (number 61 in the publication series). It is edited by professor Pilvi Porkola and it consists of five essays and 44 performance art exercises written by artists from various countries. To me the excellence of this book lies in the combination of exercises, that show how tangible and fun performance art can be, and analytical essays by professor Ray Langenbach, Dr Annette Arlander, Dr Hanna Järvinen, Dr Tero Nauha and Porkola. It is a very practical and inspiring book.

I’m honoured to be one of the artists invited to write an exercise to this book. It’s nothing new, I must admit. “Stream of Consciousness Exercise – how to verbalise all thoughts running through your mind in front of an audience” is based on my Talking Head performance that I’ve been performing for ever. But it’s a good one and worth trying. Now you can do it yourself by following simple guidelines – or developing your own.

If you want to see me doing it, there’s a chance to see Talking Head on Saturday 18th November in Roskilde, Denmark at OoPS Festival.

photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen

Talking Head in Kiasma Theatre in 2015. photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen

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Puhuva pää at Monologifestari 28th May

I’m performing Puhuva pää stream of consciousness monologue in Finnish at Monologifestari that is held in Kannusali, Espoon keskus Saturday 28th of May at 14:45. Welcome!

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Talking Head in Mad House Helsinki April 2016. Photo: Saara Autere


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