How much of Esitys 1/2016 is fiction?

That is the question when you read the new issue of Esitys that came out of the press this week! I mean who the hell is the chief editor Usva Vinttilä? For the Symposium column she (he?) had a boozy conversation with Pier Paolo Pasolini, Camille Paglia and Jacques Ranciere at the roof top bar of Torni Hotel. Pilvi Porkola interviews choreographer and multi-artist Joseph Robïn. He’s made it with his latest piece European Male that was, among other European venues, shown in Stoa, Helsinki, in spring 2015. It sounds terribly fascinating but has anyone seen European Male?

The front cover of the issue states: “This is the front cover of the first issue of Esitys in 2016, in which the word fantasy, with it’s derivates, appears 71 times, word dream, with it’s derivates, 45 times…”


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