Nuori Näyttämö festivals


Kittilän Nuorisoteatteri Kitinä esittää Tuomas Timosen näytelmän Keltainen pallo

I’m not a great childrens’ theatre of youth theatre enthusiast. But in 2010, as a representative of Finnish Theatre Directors’ Union, when I listened the Connections producer from British National Theatre and Den Unga Scenen producer from National Theatre of Norway, I was struck by a lightning. The structure of the initially British concept is like a diamond, it’s benefits undisputable and well spread; it works equally for the youth, the theatres, audiences, playwrights and drama literature. One might be bored with the term win-win, at least I am, but you just can’t say no to win-win-win-win-win situation, can you?

I couldn’t.

Ever since I’ve chaired Nuori Näyttämö Advisory Panel pro bono to execute the concept in Finland under the wings of Association for Amateur and Professional Theatres in Finland (TNL). Thanks to the huge work of producer Inke Rosilo and everybody else involved, finally the results of the Nuori Näyttämö -pilot project are here! New Finnish plays written by Tove Appelgren, Anna Krogerus, Ari-Pekka Lahti and Tuomas Timonen performed by talented young amateurs in five local festivals in five theatres around the country from 11th of April to 9th of May plus the national finale in Åbo Svenska Teatern in Turku 15th to 16th of May. Welcome! Check the details here.



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