Esitys-lehden pdf-arkisto avattu!

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Cover samples by Ainoa Graphic Design


Kun kysyt mitä on esitystaide, miten se vahvistui, kehittyi ja vaikutti valtavirtaan Suomessa 2007 – 2017 ja kenen toimesta, tutustu Esitys-lehden pdf-arkistoon, joka on avattu kustantajan, eli Todellisuuden tutkimuskeskuksen, sivuille! Samalla pääset ihailemaan taitavien taittajiemme kädenjälkeä. Ville Tiihonen toimi Esityksen taittajana 2007 – 2012 ja Aino Nieminen / Ainoa Graphic Design 2012 – 2017.

Jos olet kiinnostunut Esityksen printtikopioista, ota yhteyttä toimistoon. Jäljellä olevia kappaleita saa hakea ilmaiseksi.

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In 2006 my colleague Pilvi Porkola had a strong urge to establish a magazine to promote Finnish live art, performance art, performance studies and post dramatic theatre. And that’s what we did. Reality Research Center published Esitys (meaning performance, presentation, representation…) from 2007 to 2017. Subscribers of Esitys were passionate but few, yet we won almost all possible prizes that a small culture magazine in this country can. Publishing was a burden and great fun. Besides getting to know deeper quite a few of my contemporary fellow artists and their practices, I learned a an awful lot of writing, proofreading, editing and chief editing.

Reality Research Center has just opened a comprehensive pdf archive of Esitys.

p.s. The busy bees of the magazine are still keen on journalism and publish an on-line magazine ICE HOLE in English via RRC…

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Cover samples by Ville Tiihonen


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The very last ESITYS is here!

Today the last issue of Esitys Magazine (1/2017) was waiting for me in the post box. For the editorial staff including me it means the end of a ten year journey. And the issue looks gorgeous and as festive as it should! Thanks to Pilvi Porkola (for chief editing), Aino Nieminen (for graphic design), the writers and the whole crew! I feel moved, relieved and rewarded… Let’s party!

We celebrate the tenth anniversary of Esitys and wrapping it all up on Friday 24th in Mad House Helsinki at 9pm. Please join us!

Check Kulttuurimuija‘s column in Kirkko ja kaupunki. She’s a real advocate for printed magazines!


The Cover: Ainoa Graphic Design


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ESITYS 3/2016 is out there with you!

Hear hear, my compatriots! As promised, this time Esitys magazine is more topical than ever! In the printed version that has just reached the mail boxes and the racks of resellers we review some of the most recent performances in Helsinki and/or go deeper behind their scenes, behind the minds of Finnish contemporary life and performance art, behind the discussion in social media. We drink with strangers in a bar to make them reveal what they think of art just now, study topical questions like how immersive is immersive, and ask: what is, actually, actuality? To read more, check the previous post here or visit the website or Facebook.


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Esitys 3/2016 is TOPICAL


Once a well known Finnish journalist claimed that Esitys is a fantastic magazine except that it’s never up to date. For example by the time an issue is published the performances reviewed are long gone, she meant. In the forthcoming issue 3/2016 we are going to tackle this fact. The theme is topicality. The editorial staff is writing and editing the next issue – plus doing the graphic design – in seven days, starting tomorrow and ending September 20th. Magazine will be out of the press by the beginning of October.

You can follow the construction of the issue during the following week. Text drafts, reports, performance reviews and photos are being published in real time in Esitys Facebook page, Esitys web page and Reality Research Centre Instagram (#esityslehti).

I’ll be reporting from two theatre productions under the wire; Juha Jokela‘s new play Sumu in National Theatre and Meidän Luokka by Tadeusz Słobodzianek in Espoo City Theatre.

Chief Editor of The Topical Issue 3/2016 is Pilvi Porkola.


Louna-Tuuli Luukka, Tuomas Laitinen, Janne Saarakkala and Pilvi Porkola in editorial staff meeting on Monday Sept 12th. Photo by Aino Graphic Design


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How much of Esitys 1/2016 is fiction?

That is the question when you read the new issue of Esitys that came out of the press this week! I mean who the hell is the chief editor Usva Vinttilä? For the Symposium column she (he?) had a boozy conversation with Pier Paolo Pasolini, Camille Paglia and Jacques Ranciere at the roof top bar of Torni Hotel. Pilvi Porkola interviews choreographer and multi-artist Joseph Robïn. He’s made it with his latest piece European Male that was, among other European venues, shown in Stoa, Helsinki, in spring 2015. It sounds terribly fascinating but has anyone seen European Male?

The front cover of the issue states: “This is the front cover of the first issue of Esitys in 2016, in which the word fantasy, with it’s derivates, appears 71 times, word dream, with it’s derivates, 45 times…”


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Esitys 4/2015 is a Stranger

The new Esitys magazine chief edited by Nora Rinne will be published 3rd of November. The theme is MUUKALAINEN, stranger. It’s about being an alien; immigrant, expatriate, an alien of gender, sexuality and race; alien in your own inner circles and even to yourself. There are contributions from the likes of Professor Olli Pyyhtinen, Theatre Director Hili Iivanainen, Stand Up Comedian Jamie MacDonald (his article in English in the web), Performance Artist Karolina Kucia; articles from the Editorial Staff: Louna-Tuuli Luukka, Tuomas Laitinen, Pilvi Porkola and me. Check the front cover by Ainoa Graphic Design! Wow!


The issue includes a photo series “Muukalaisuuteni maisema”, the landscape of my alienation. Here are some shots by Aino Nieminen:

Pilvi Porkola, feeling like a gorilla in a shopping mall.

Pilvi Porkola, feeling like a gorilla in a shopping mall. Photo: Ainoa Graphic Design

Jamie McDonald lost in Keltainen Ruusu sex shop. Photo: Ainoa Graphic Design

Immigrant (Theatre Director David Kozma) and homosexual (me) in Rymy Eetu (where the white hetero Finns gather).

Immigrant Artist David Kozma and homosexual Artist feeling strange in Rymy Eetu where the white hetero Finns dance on tables. photo: Ainoa Graphic Design

photo: Ainoa Graphic Design

photo: Ainoa Graphic Design


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