Onko sinulla tulevaisuutta?

Oletko vanhatyöläinen, uustyöläinen vai tulevaisuuden tekijä? Panda, uuden työn ruumiillistuma, kertoo!

Julkaisu Todellisuuden tutkimuskeskuksen 20-vuotisjuhlien kunniaksi 🥂 ja mainostamaan ICE HOLE -nettijulkaisun uutta numeroa🥂!

Video on katkelma Pandan kanssa kuoharilla -esitysretkeltä, jota myytiin Todellisuuden tutkimuskeskuksen Esityskioskilla 20.-28.8.2021. Tämä on pidempi versio, ICE HOLE:n etusivun videossa Esityskioski diaries lyhyempi, jossa englanninkielinen tekstitys.

A shorter version of the video with English subtitles can be found as a part of Esityskioski diaries on ICE HOLE‘s front page.

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ICE HOLE Live Art Journal #11 published!

The brand new issue of ICE HOLE Live Art Journal celebrates 20 years old Reality Research Center with videos and texts! PLUNGE IN!

Tuomas Laitinen writes about being on his knees in ICE HOLE #11. Katriina Kettunen, Talvikki Eerola, Jonna Wikström and Tuomas Laitinen in the photo. Photo by Iiro Rautiainen.

The issue highlights some of the strands of the collective’s tissue. Pilvi Porkola and Janne Saarakkala discuss the exhaustion of the precariat. What does it take to be more tender and sustainable towards oneself and work itself? Work, identity and me-strategies are also intertwined within the dialogue between the Actor Tuire Tuomisto and the Director Tuire Tuomisto. They speak not just about representation of identities and artist’s ethics, but also about the particularities of their artistic practices. Tuomas Laitinen introduces On Our Knees practice, which has been part of RRC’s collective work since 2007. Maria Säkö and Klaus Maunuksela discuss the evolution of Finnish Live Art. They give perspectives on this evolution and on Reality Research Center through their personal histories with the collective. Including a tribute video by Eddie the Dramaturge!

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Interviewed by Wombat Radio

Just before Christmas I was interviewed by Matt Cornell for his online discussion project Wombat Radio since 2014. It is a series of long form discussions on contemporary practice with people (mainly artists) who have their own idea about things. Our Skype interview was based on the latest issue of ICE HOLE – The Live Art Journal dealing with arousal in performance art that I chief edited in the end of last year. I feel honoured to represent ICE HOLE team as ones of those who have their own idea about things. Thanks, Matt!

You can listen the interview here:

Or visit Wombat Radio where you can also check the impressive interview archive. For example Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair from Pony Express, whose sneak peek video is on the ICE HOLE #8 front page, are both interviewed, plus Finns like Maija Hirvanen, Jarkko Partanen and Simo Kellokumpu, not to mention the brilliant Bojana Kunst.

Pilvi Porkola‘s One Minute With A Ball Gag video is an excerpt from ICE HOLE #8.

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Arousal in Performance Art


New issue of web magazine ICE HOLE – The Live Art Journal edited by me is online on 30 November. It tackles the rise of sex-positive culture in performance art, particularly participatory performances designed for sexual exploration and pleasure. Is it art, sexy art or just sex? And where’s the line between art, sex-positive activism and sex work?

Feature interviews of performance artist Julius Elo (FIN) and performance artist & sex worker Sadie Lune (DE/US). Also Slutartists (FIN), who caused a controversy in the 75th anniversary gala of the Degree Programme in Acting at the Theater Academy of the University of the Arts, are interviewed.

Videos by Pony Express (AU), Alisa Javits (FIN), Sadie Lune, Pilvi Porkola (FIN), Nora Rinne (FIN) Aada Sigurlina (FIN) & Tomasz Szrama (FIN/PL). Texts by ICE HOLE editorial staff; Tuomas Laitinen (FIN), Louna-Tuuli Luukka (FIN), Nora Rinne & Janne Saarakkala.

Published by Reality Research Center.

Sleeping Beauty pehmennetty 10

Julius Elo photographed by Alisa Javits


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Happy Holiday Season!

I wish you all Merry Christmas with ICE HOLE’s newly published Xmas issue!

Besides editor Pilvi Porkola’s letter, it’s all videos this time.

Still from the cover video Kissing Santas by Sandrina Lindgren and Ishmael Falke.

Still from the cover video Kissing Santas by Sandrina Lindgren and Ishmael Falke.

ICE HOLE – Live Art Journal is an online journal focusing on Live Art and Performance Art. We publish videos and texts and our aim is to share thoughts, ideas, inspirations and discussions. The journal is Reality Research Center production.

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The fourth issue of ICE HOLE – Live Art Journal edited by Jörn J. Burmester and I is published on Monday 16th of May 2016!


The issue #4 is produced in cooperation with BONE 18 Performance Art Festival that was held in Bern, Switzerland, 1.-6. December 2015. All the writers of the issue were involved in the program and all the videos were shot in Bern. The festival theme “Schools of… connectivity, relatedness, networks of Performance Art” is under scrutiny. Issue #4 is about teaching and learning Performance Art – is it possible, and if so, how and where? Members of the famous performance art collective Black Market International give their views about it in a video interview. Ex-lecturerer Dani Ploeger, performance art student Jürgen Bogle and Jörn tackle the question in their articles. I’m corresponding on video from the class rooms of Fluid Academy. On the opening video Ann Liv Young and acting students present their result of a three day course on performance art and end up having a row with the audience. Besides the thematical stuff, artists like Klara Schilliger, Florian Feigl and Helge Meyer perform one or two minutes with Madame Bovary in front of the camera. And we are already proud to present Black Market International 30th anniversary documentary from Bern by Evamaria Schaller on September 1st!

Check the old blog post from December here.

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Check out the new issue of ICE HOLE!



ICE HOLE – The Live Art Journal’s 3rd issue is open! It is edited by Liina Kuittinen and Tomasz Szrama. “This time, ICE HOLE is done in collaboration with the TONIGHT event”, they write in the editorial. “TONIGHT was a series of performance art events, held at an intense pace between April 2014–December 2015. What was very special for TONIGHT was that each event started at midnight and went on until the morning hours. The home venue for the event was the Gallery Augusta in Suomenlinna, an island next to Helsinki, Finland.” And further on: “We believe that the only way to experience performance art is to witness it live. No documentation can ever convey anything else than traces of what happened. TONIGHT was designed to show performance art at its best.”


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