Interviewed by Wombat Radio

Just before Christmas I was interviewed by Matt Cornell for his online discussion project Wombat Radio since 2014. It is a series of long form discussions on contemporary practice with people (mainly artists) who have their own idea about things. Our Skype interview was based on the latest issue of ICE HOLE – The Live Art Journal dealing with arousal in performance art that I chief edited in the end of last year. I feel honoured to represent ICE HOLE team as ones of those who have their own idea about things. Thanks, Matt!

You can listen the interview here:

Or visit Wombat Radio where you can also check the impressive interview archive. For example Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair from Pony Express, whose sneak peek video is on the ICE HOLE #8 front page, are both interviewed, plus Finns like Maija Hirvanen, Jarkko Partanen and Simo Kellokumpu, not to mention the brilliant Bojana Kunst.

Pilvi Porkola‘s One Minute With A Ball Gag video is an excerpt from ICE HOLE #8.

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Arousal in Performance Art


New issue of web magazine ICE HOLE – The Live Art Journal edited by me is online on 30 November. It tackles the rise of sex-positive culture in performance art, particularly participatory performances designed for sexual exploration and pleasure. Is it art, sexy art or just sex? And where’s the line between art, sex-positive activism and sex work?

Feature interviews of performance artist Julius Elo (FIN) and performance artist & sex worker Sadie Lune (DE/US). Also Slutartists (FIN), who caused a controversy in the 75th anniversary gala of the Degree Programme in Acting at the Theater Academy of the University of the Arts, are interviewed.

Videos by Pony Express (AU), Alisa Javits (FIN), Sadie Lune, Pilvi Porkola (FIN), Nora Rinne (FIN) Aada Sigurlina (FIN) & Tomasz Szrama (FIN/PL). Texts by ICE HOLE editorial staff; Tuomas Laitinen (FIN), Louna-Tuuli Luukka (FIN), Nora Rinne & Janne Saarakkala.

Published by Reality Research Center.

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Julius Elo photographed by Alisa Javits


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