Youth Theatre Spring


In 2004 I had the honour to adapt George Orwell‘s classic novel 1984 and direct it for stage in Kiasma Theatre at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. It was called For the Love of Big Brother – and still is. Now, when my dear colleague Jonna Wikström is directing it for youth theatre group RyhmisNuoret, I found out that according to the agent of Orwell heirs I actually own the copyright to my adaptation. So it was a pleasure to permit Jonna to re-do the script. I’m so looking forward to see what they’ve done with it in 2081 – ISOVELI VALVOO. Premiere May 16, other performances 14th to 30th of May in Ryhmäteatteri.

Here you can listen Kulturklipp’s review of the performance 17.5.2018 from YLE Radio Vega in Swedish.

Jesse Gyllenbögel (as Winston), Milana Novokmet (as O'Brien) ja Julia Von Lerber (as Julia). Photo by Mitro Härkönen

Jesse Gyllenbögel (as Winston), Milana Novokmet (as O’Brien) and Julia Von Lerber (as Julia) in 2081 – Isoveli valvoo in Ryhmäteatteri, 2018. Photo by Mitro Härkönen

lopputyö 7

Lotta Lindroos (as Julia) and Seppo Halttunen (as Winston) in For the Love of Big Brother in Kiasma Theatre, 2004. Photo: Paula Koivunen



Nuori Näyttämö is a youth theatre concept where youth theatre groups, professional play wrights and theatre houses across the country work together. It’s based on Brittish National Theatre’s Connections.

I’ve chaired Nuori Näyttämö Advisory Panel since 2011. We had the pilot round of new plays, performances and festivals in spring 2015 and right now we’re having the second round going on. This time the groups have been working on four plays written by either Gunilla Hemming, Rasmus Lindberg, Pipsa Lonka or Veikko Nuutinen, and you can see these plays performed at local festivals in city theatres in Helsinki, Kemi, Kotka, Mikkeli, Tampere, Varkaus and Finnish National Theatre from April 9 to May 9. The national finale will take place in Tampere in TTT-Theatre and Tampere Student Theatre on 4th & 5th of August as a launch for Tampere Theatre Festival. Welcome! Check the details here and the previous post from 2015 here.
Nuori Näyttämö is produced by Association for Amateur and Professional Theatres in Finland (TNL).

Some media attention: I’m being shortly interviewed with Eija Vilpas and Lotta Enroth in the middle of YLE TV1 program Puoli Seitsemän 4.5.2018, playwrights Pipsa Lonka and Veikko Nuutinen interviewed in Helsingin Sanomat 5.5.2018.


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