Thoughts after the opening party

Jussi’s Last Tape – waypoint report No. 1, the first video installation ever in Jussi Johnsson’s career and mine was set up yesterday in Performance Center. It felt like an accomplishment. The result of twelve years work. And yet we are just in the beginning! Acutally we decided that we should keep on having annual video sessions with Jussi beyond 2030, the year we thought we should have it finished.

From now on we can take the first waypoint report anywhere. We’re looking for larger venues with three white walls to project the video loops onto. I suppose it won’t be easy as we are beginners in visual art. But that’s very me. I’m always doing something I haven’t tried before. Not a wise career move when thinking a sharp profile, I know, but it makes life much more interesting. Jussi and I are fine examples of our generation, still thinking that one ought to realise ALL one’s dreams.

Thanks to everybody in the opening party for your encouraging words! And thank you, Timo and Ville, for your input in the process. We wouldn’t be here without you.

The exhibition is open until 24th of October.

The installation is set up! Jussi rejoicing.

Jussi rejoicing: the installation is set up!

Jussi in the nude singing Schubert's "Der Wegveiser" at the opening party.

Jussi singing Schubert’s “Der Wegveiser” in the nude at the opening party.


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