Ice Hole Live Art Journal #11 published!

The brand new issue of Ice Hole Live Art Journal celebrates 20 years old Reality Research Center with videos and texts! Plunge in!

Tuomas Laitinen writes about being on his knees in ICE HOLE #11. Katriina Kettunen, Talvikki Eerola, Jonna Wikström and Tuomas Laitinen in the photo. Photo by Iiro Rautiainen.

The issue highlights some of the strands of the collective’s tissue. Pilvi Porkola and Janne Saarakkala discuss the exhaustion of the precariat. What does it take to be more tender and sustainable towards oneself and work itself? Work, identity and me-strategies are also intertwined within the dialogue between the Actor Tuire Tuomisto and the Director Tuire Tuomisto. They speak not just about representation of identities and artist’s ethics, but also about the particularities of their artistic practices. Tuomas Laitinen introduces On Our Knees practice, which has been part of RRC’s collective work since 2007. Maria Säkö and Klaus Maunuksela discuss the evolution of Finnish Live Art. They give perspectives on this evolution and on Reality Research Center through their personal histories with the collective. Including a tribute video by Eddie the Dramaturge!