Digital Stage of Riihimäen Teatteri

My dear colleague Maria Oiva is running a digital stage of Riihimäen Teatteri this year. It’s called #digiteatteri. Yes, the project is actually called Digital Theatre but I like to see it as one of the stages. Like there’s a door to the theatre, there’s also a digital gate. Most importantly, it’s not marketing the performances but a work of art in itself inspired by what happens in the theatre (and what could happen). It is a research of the relationship between what’s live and what’s recorded or distributed digitally. Take a look of Maria’s hilarious avatar CEO Maria Virtanen Korhonen in action at the reading session of Janne Katajan Riihimäki, the performance I’ll soon start directing 🙂

Every Friday, there’s a new Maria Virtanen Korhonen video in the YouTube channel or a podcast of Maria (as herself) and a guest discussing performances of Riihimäen Teatteri in SoundCloud. Besides this Maria is active in Twitter and Instagram. #digiteatteri web page collects all posts here!

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