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In the annual meeting of Union of Theatre and Media Workers 24th of April I premiered Intervention into the Labour Movement with Louna-Tuuli Luukka. 8th of June we took the intervention to The Congress of the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK).

There’s more to come…

Invited by SAK we’re intervening also SuomiAreena’s Torivartti in Pori 14th of July at 11:00. SuomiAreena is a public debate forum organised by television channel MTV3.

Friday 9th of September Reality Research Centre presents TYÖ 4.0 – TULEVAISUUDEN TYÖN LANSEERAUSTILAISUUS (Work 4.0 – Launch of Future Work), a one-off happening in Astoria-sali, Helsinki. The doors open at 17:00 and the event starts at 18:00. Sparkling wine is served. The tickets are on sale in Reality Research Centre Shop.

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I’ve been involved in Reality Research Centre working group called Work Island for a year now. We’ve met every now and then to talk about the revolution taking place in working life; fluid new work of no boundaries is replacing old work of permanent working hours, locations and steady careers. New work is everywhere, 24/7. This is actually ten year old observation. Today digital revolution and development in robotics result into a decrease in job opportunities, particularly when we talk about paid jobs. There’s less and less paid work but also less need to work. Yet we are urged to work even harder. For what, we ask.

As Naomi Klein points out in her book This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs. the Climate, if we seriously are going to fight against climate change and overshooting the planet, we need to decrease productivity and consumption. According to a study she is referring we shouldn’t work more than three or four days a week.

This is a shocking prospect to Panda. He (or she) is a charater I created in 2006. Panda is an embodiment of new work and he’s always at work, even though Panda does nothing that an old worker would consider work. Panda lives for work and he himself is his main work. He is a performer, orator, opportunist and a possible charlatan. He has no clue of physical labour, or physicality in general. Panda never eats, sleeps or has sex. He drinks only sparkling wine and enjoys flirting and talking about sex – but mostly Panda talks about work.

Panda in Reality Reasearch Centre performance Portrait of a New Worker in 2007 with Maria Nuutinen, Erich Weidle and Janne Pellinen. Photo: Pekka Pitkänen

Panda in Reality Research Centre performance Portrait of a New Worker in 2007 with Maria Nuutinen, Erich Weidle and Janne Pellinen. Photo: Pekka Pitkänen

Among other interesting articles about work, you can read about Panda’s work at Reality Research Centre in 2007 here from page 33.

Work Island has revived Panda. One of the outcomes is Intervention into the Labour Movement. It’s made for trade union meetings. It is actually an alarm call from growing number of frustrated freelance members like Luukka and me. To us the labour movement, still mainly serving the needs of old workers, is outdated. Freelancers remain more or less unprotected and yet we keep on paying our membership fees… For what? In the intervention Panda helps union members to distinguish whether they are new or old workers. Then he persuades the new workers to leave the union and join the rank of pandas.

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Yt-neuvottelut kaatoivat suomalaisesta työstä kertovan näytelmän

My post in Reality Research Center / Work Island blog is here.

I lost a big job with one theatre recently because of the governmental subsidy cuts. The blog post starts with that and continues to describe the desperate situation of freelancing in this country. Ok, everybody’s desperate these days, so where’s the beef? Ten years ago freelancers were supposed to be the model workers of the future. Today we’ve become ghosts, invisible to the trade unions and to the governement. I find it interesting. It’s a sign of the times.

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New RRC web pages are online!

Reality Research Center is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary with new web design. Graphic Design by Iina Lievonen, Programming by Tomi Dufva. Check it out and find the five different “islands” in which the artistic activities take place in 2016 and 2017.

“For 15 years Reality Research Center has stayed two steps ahead of others. This is why our performances may seem uncanny and we might stay below the popular radar. But, when a certain performative approach becomes a trend, it is probable that some of us already experimented on it. We are contemporary explorers and the outpost of the future – avant-garde of the Finnish performative arts.”

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